Harbhajan Mann announces release date of his Punjabi Movie P.R to be released on 15 May 2020.

PR Punjabi Movie Poster
PR Punjabi Movie Poster Harbhajan Mann directed by Manmohan Singh

Sharing first look poster, Harbhajan Mann reveal details of his movie which is directed by Manmohan Singh and is based on current situations and will have special message and insights on everyday lives of people.

Presented by Sarang Films, HM Records. Movie cast includes Harbhajan Mann Delbar Arya, Kanwaljit Singh Sardool Sikander, Amar Noorie, Karamjit Anmol and Mannu Sandhu.

Find below quote from Harbhajan Manns’s post

“Today I am delighted & honoured to announce that on 15th May 2020, the film “P.R.” will be releasing in cinemas worldwide. This is not just my next film, it’s rather a film that belongs to all of you as well, as it’s roots are aligned to the days in 1999 when myself and the most renowned cinematographer of Bollywood at the time, Manmohan Singh ji, would have conversations on the sets of my music videos, deeply concerned about the state of Punjabi cinema. It’s from those conversations that the journey towards “Jee Aayan Nu” began, a film which connected me to all of you and your love & blessings throughout the path of my cinematic career.

The following years saw the release of films like “Asa Nu Maan Watna Da”, “Dil Apna Punjabi”, and “Mera Pind- My Home” which all contained a special message and commentary on the everyday lives of people.

Now on 15th May 2020, “P.R.” will be another such film, once again with Manmohan Singh at the helm as director and myself in front of the camera, continuing on the vision we had for Punjabi cinema.

Presented by Sarang Films and HM Records, we hope “P.R.” will be given the same generous amount of love as you have given to all the films before. We are excited to elevate the quality and depth of the stories and presentation of Punjabi cinema. See you at the cinemas on 15th May 2020″