Released in theaters at beginning of year on 7 January 2022, Punjabi film Haterz starring Pukhraj Bhalla, Amrit Amby, Prabh Grewal is released online on Youtube and is free to watch.

Released on official RR Records channel, Punjabi Movie Haterz has already crossed 1 Million views. With release on youtube and keeping free to watch will ensure fewer losses due to pirated and leaked versions. This will also help in reducing illegal ‘haterz punjabi movie download’.

Watch online link:

Haterz is produced by Ranjiv Singla and is directed by Manpreet Brar while screenplay is by Ikko Mikke fame Pankaj Verma.

Although, Haterz was not able to attract much of audiences to theater, possibly due to ongoing 3rd Omicron wave and limited publicity, however online releases is already creating buzz with positive comments across.

Few notable comments

“Story changes at every point. You can’t even guess what’s gonna happen next. Really amazing work. Congrattzz to whole team????”

“This is what is called writing and creativity…unlike the rest of punjabi movies full of songs and nonsense”